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Partnership Opportunities

TanzaniaHosting makes it a priority to work with local partners in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania and beyond. We aim at building win-win partnerships, leveraging on our premium infrastructure and web hosting know-how, and the local relations and marketing acuity of our partners.

There are several advantages to partnering with TanzaniaHosting:

-Clear, easy to understand revenue models for our partners. You can either have your account with us and resell to your clients, or alternatively refer your clients to us and receiving a recurring percentage on all revenues.

-TanzaniaHosting does not compete with its partners. We focus on web hosting and web hosting only. We do not provide IT services, web design, hardware maintainance etc.

-Referral Opportunities: TanzaniaHosting can also refer you new businesses for direct clients who host their website with us, especially for designing web sites.

-Dedicated Support: Partners have a dedicated support and priority access to us for helping with their clients issues.

IT solutions providers, web hosting resellers, IT managers at government firms or private businesses, and other individuals/companies involved with clients potentially interested in setting up a website, are welcome to become TanzaniaHosting partners.

We also welcome companies and individuals located elsewhere in East Africa to become our partners: Burundi, Rwanda, Zambia, Malawi, RD Congo, Kenya, Mozambique, Ethioppia

To learn more about this opportunity or sign up as a partner, please contact us

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